Commercial Plus Fire Protection, LLC (CPFP) provides numerous services. We specialize in fire suppression systems, alarm systems, extinguisher hood systems as well as extinguishers and emergency lighting, which includes design, installation, testing, inspections, repairs, and replacement. At CPFP, we are knowledgeable in the following areas:

  • Design and installation of fire sprinkler and fire alarm systems using UL manufacturers tested equipment and accessories;
  • Quarterly/annual inspecting, testing, fire sprinkler and alarm systems, which includes testing wet and dry chemical based extinguishers and extinguishing systems;
  • Understanding and compliance with all contractual agreements; and
  • Efficient time management, which leads to projects or phased portions of CPFP projects completed in a timely manner.

Since 2000, CPFP has been here to serve the needs of our commercial and residential customers who expect the very best when it comes to safeguarding their property, employees, and loved ones during those times when the unimaginable happens.

With more than 50 years of service experience combined, our technicians are highly trained knowledgeable people who are invested in the work they do every day. They display an enormous amount of pride in their work as they labor to safeguard life and property.

CPFP follows the guidelines of the National Fire Protection Association also known as NFPA ( ) to ensure we are using the most current equipment and applying the best practices while adhering to their 300 codes and standardsĀ for fire safety.