Top-of-the-line products in fire safety are what we use to design fire prevention systems. Simply put, we will not settle for anything less than the best as we install the right solution to safeguard life and property. Here’s a list of our suppliers/partners:

Commercial Kitchen Systems     Sprinkler  Systems             Fire  Alarms Fire Extinguishers Emergency Lighting
Pyro-Chem Tyco  Pukuya
Amerex Viking  Edwards Signaling Amerex  Shinlight
Badger Blaze Master  Siemens Fire Alarm  Badger Eaton’s Cooper Lighting
 Victaulic  Tyco-Simplex Philips Bodine Emergency
 Watts  Bosch Security Systems  Ballasts
General  Ames  Potter Fire Alarm Systems General AstraLite
Fyr-Fyter  Potter  Fyr-Fyter Compass Lighting Products
Strike First System Censor  Silent Knight Strike First Beghelli Emergency Lighting
Power Pack  Aurora Pumps  Secutron  Power Pack AtLite
Pyronnauts Anvil  Gamewell  Pyronnauts  Big Beam Emergency Lighting