Commercial Plus Fire Protection (CPFP) provides numerous services for fire suppression systems, alarm systems, extinguisher hood systems as well as extinguishers and emergency lighting, which includes design, installation, testing, inspections, repairs, and replacement. We focus on the following as we prepare to provide your fire protection service:

  • Design and installation of fire sprinkler and fire alarm systems, using UL manufacturers tested equipment and accessories;
  • Inspect and test fire sprinkler and alarm systems–quarterly and annually. Testing wet and dry chemical based extinguishers and extinguishing systems;
  • Ensure one or more trained experienced technician is present on all of our projects as they are in progress;
  • Comply with all contract agreements and conditions;
  • Turnover projects or phased portions of our projects in a timely manner; and
  • Provide a copy of all approvals, operator’s equipment manual for applicable projects, and an optional service maintenance contract after the one-year guarantee on new installations.